When Hårald met Søren

The Portland Ikea store opened a few days ago. This, of course, was inevitable:

Container ship wrecks

Photo gallery of shipping disasters. Huge stacks of toppled shipping containers, ships on fire.

Link from boingboing.net

Swell maps

Geoffrey Manaugh over at BLDGBLOG has a post on "fossil rivers" -- the geological evidence left behind when the Mississippi has changed its course over time, leaving behind natural levees and curly dead-ends. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has made maps documenting the phenomenon, which are visually stunning in an unintentionally abstract-expressionist sort of way.

You can see very high-res scans of the maps on Geoffrey's Flickr page. I'm going to download this one and get a poster-sized print made to hang on my wall.

Free Font: FF Good

Fontshop periodically makes some of their fonts available for free download. Right now you can pick up a copy of FF Good in the Wide Light version. Nothing too exciting here, but it's got some nice qualities of a 19th-century grotesque (similar to Bureau Grot) combined with the straight sides on round characters (like you see in Trade Gothic Condensed or DIN Scrift) that give it an industrial feel. The complete family includes more weights and widths than you could shake a stick at, but unfortunately no italics.