Bullet points

  • I had a three-day weekend. So far I have managed to accomplish absolutely nothing productive. At this rate, I may as well cultivate a drug addiction -- it wouldn't make much of a difference.

  • Say hello to Bye and Bye, my new favorite neighborhood bar on 10th & Alberta (only a few blocks away from my house). Just opened last week in a nicely renovated mid-century building, cool art, big patio, attractive staff, but the vegan menu strangely lacks any shareable finger-food (except for $2 chips & salsa). C'mon, it's a bar, serve some french fries. I'm not so sure about southern style fake meat, but I'll go there to drink, not eat. Approximately 75% of the bikes I counted parked outside on "Portland's biggest bike rack" were fixies.

  • Maybe I'll have to take a trip to New York before the year's over -- I just read about the Richard Prince retrospective at the Guggenheim. I've been meaning to make a replica of one of his muscle car hood sculptures to hang out my wall. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I copied him, since he became famous after "re-photographing" other people's photographs as part of the 1980s Appropriation Art trend.

  • While browsing the Guggenheim website I found an announcement for the upcoming Cai Guo-Qiang exhibition. I need to pay more attention to the art world, because I'd never seen his spectacular work before. This is "Head On", an installation of 99 wolves crashing headfirst into a glass box:

    All I can say is, holy shit.

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