Free font: Zalamander

This one has been available for a while now, but it's new to me so I'm posting the link. What sets Zalamander apart from the thousands of crappy free fonts to be found on the web is that it has a full character set (including complete punctuation, accented characters, diacritics, and even Cyrillic, in case you need to typeset some Russian), and a range of six weights. And it's well-crafted too — the letter shapes are lively with unexpected angles, but they fit together and don't seem arbitrary or wacky. Download the all caps version for free, but you'll have to pay for it if you want lower case.

Night view

Radio Cab garage, gas station open to the public 24 hours, NW 16th Avenue.

Unimaginative name

Pro bono

With so many Republican sex scandals lately, who can keep track of all of them? I recently found a website called where somebody has been trying to keep a list. I like the idea, but his web design really needed help. The title banner especially was so bad that it hurt my eyes. I was in the right semi-bored frame of mind to consider making a new graphic as an anonymous favor. A quick Google image search found the perfect picture: of course I had to go with it. I made the new title banner graphic and sent it unsolicited. He was quite pleased and put it up right away. Check it out.

Update: Joe.My.God. posted a link to the site, and included my graphic.


Ian and Gabriel's kitchen.

A magic shop (not to be confused with a magick shop) at Pike Place market.

I was surprised to learn that this Richard Serra sculpture is fragile and delicate. With the price of steel going up lately, he must be scrimping on the cheap stuff to save money.

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