Hot springs, cold snow

My Thanksgiving plans fell through, and I was a little too distracted to worry about coming up with a plan B (it's been a bad week).
My friend Pete was in the same boat. Since we liked Breitenbush so much (see previous post) we decided to check out Bagby hot springs. It was a sunny day, so the snow was a surprise. I took pictures while Pete put chains on his van, stuck on a deserted US Forest Service road.

We never did find the place, thanks to some inaccurate directions I got from the internet. Lesson learned. By the time we figured out which road to take, it was getting too late, so we abandoned our mission.
On the way back we stopped in Estacada, but unfortunately the Safari Club was closed for the holiday. It's a run down bar/diner (now a Chinese restaurant) from the 70s that houses an amazing collection of taxidermied hunting trophies.

Back in the city, we drove around looking for a place to eat that was open. My attitude was, if you're not going to be eating a home-cooked meal on Thanksgiving, you should just go for it and eat dinner somewhere really depressing, like a roach-infested Vietnamese mafia-operated fast food joint on Southeast 82nd. I couldn't make Pete see it my way, though, so I just went home and ate a sandwich by myself.
Later that night, the new Coen brothers movie No Country for Old Men, which stars Javier Bardem as a ruthless cold-blooded killer. Spoiler alert: lots of people die violently. Afterwards, a watery drink at the nearly empty Eagle dowtown.
How was your Thanksgiving?

Breitenbush Hot Springs

Nature is the unofficial state religion here in Oregon. I'm not a religious man, but this weekend I took a trip to Breitenbush Hot Springs. I'm tempted to convert.

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