shell chairs
If you were one of the five or ten people who semi-regularly followed my blog, you've surely noticed by now that I've stopped updating it. I feel a little guilty about becoming deadweight on other people's blogrolls (hi Eric), but what can I say.

If you remain at all curious about my internet presence, it has pretty much shifted to my flickr page recently.

I checked the stats and it looks like my blog, despite its moribund status, still gets an average of about 10 hits per day. By far, most visitors come here by searching google images for "container ship wrecks" or some variation on that phrase, which leads them to this post, which isn't really even a post, but just a quickie link to someone else's site. But I suppose they'll find what they came looking for. Also, a couple of posts I've written about legitimately free fonts seem to attract lots of folks looking for pirated fonts, but everybody wants something for nothing, right?

I sincerely hope the people who landed here after googling "blue muscle bullet", "velcrow blow up things", and "ladies high heels for men" eventually found what they were looking for.

If you're in search of some websurfing entertainment, allow me to recommend a recently discovered favorite of mine, the new shelton wet/dry, which is updated every friday with an international buffet of visual non sequiturs, pseudo-science, outrageous financial scandals, bizarre pop cultural detritus, crime trends, taxidermy, and hipster sleaze.